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At Santa Clara E-Waste we help businesses and individuals to recycle the e-waste generated at their offices, workshops, and homes. We segregate different parts of the electronic equipment and treat them accordingly. We help corporations, and individuals eliminate their unwanted electronics products by preventing harmful elements escape into the environment. Our fast, professional and systematic services make us your best choice in the Bay Area.

We are excited to now offer full and partial office cleanouts and moves (E-waste, wiring, furniture, etc.). Please don’t hesitate to schedule a pick-up request above or reach out to us for details.

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We, at Santa Clara E-waste, do a phenomenal job of keeping your buildings and homes free of electronic waste, such as old mobile devices, computers and servers. Our state-of-the-art technological approach to handling such electronic waste ensures that every part, component or piece of material is processed efficiently and with a different method. The parts that can be resold are separated, while those that should be discarded with care are disposed off accordingly. We understand that the data that may be recorded in the devices you send us can be sensitive. In order to keep your privacy intact, we take all necessary steps to destroy your data most effectively and proficiently.


Recycling Process

Santa Clara E-Waste is identified as the top e-waste recycling service provider in the Bay Area. Our electronic recycling processes run with top-notch efficiency. The processes are completed step-by-step with the utmost of care. Our adept and highly-experienced team is fully-trained to support proper e-waste processing and handling. We are certified, and our state-of-the-art approach ensures that everything is done according to industry norms and standards.


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